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Any building or maintenance works carried out on the highway must be safe for all users and an application for a permit must be made.

You need a licence to put up scaffolding or hoarding on a public road, verge or pavement. If the scaffolding or hoarding is on your private property and does not encroach onto the public highway then a licence is not required and you do not need to notify us.

How do I apply?
For scaffolding the licence is issued to the scaffolding company and for hoarding to the contractor stated on the form. Please email a completed application form with required supported documentation to [email protected]. Download the application form below.  It usually takes 10 working days to process an application. Approval will be granted in the form of a licence issued in accordance with the Highways Act 1980.

What does it cost?
A fee of £175 (VAT exempt) is required for each licence per 28 days or part thereof, together with a deposit of £500 (refundable upon written application upon completion and satisfactory inspection) and must accompany the application.

What information/documents do I need to provide? 
  • completed application form
  • a site plan of the position of the scaffolding or hoarding
  • public liability insurance certificate minimum cover of £10 million
  • accreditation of scaffolder (scaffolding licence only)
If placing a tower scaffold on the public highway please complete the Tower Scaffold Licence Application form below. A bond is not required for this licence as the structure is removed daily.



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