Thursday 6th August 2020
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Gritting and salt bins

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Up-to-date gritting information

Keep up to date with our gritting runs via Twitter by following us @LutonCouncil on Twitter.

Every time our gritting team goes out we make around 300 miles of road safer. We grit specific routes during bad weather, as well as maintaining salt bins situated in key locations.

What paths get gritted?

  • Town centre streets/main pedestrian routes
  • Shopping frontages
  • Busy pedestrian routes
  • Hospitals and doctors’ surgery frontages
  • School frontages/routes
  • Community centre frontages
  • Steep sections of footway/footpaths

What are the gritting routes?

To find out which roads in Luton we're gritting, click the button to open a map in a new window.


Gritting map key

If we experience a long period of snow and ice, lasting more than a few days, we will consider treating supplementary routes.
These are generally residential areas where experience has shown a need for treatment during prolonged freezing conditions due to geographical conditions.

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The most heavily used road are salted during the winter as it isn't possible for us to salt every road in Luton.

Luton salt bin locations

How often are salt bins maintained and refilled?

How does it work?

Can I use the salt from the bin on my driveway?

Can I buy salt from the council?

Where can I buy some salt?

How should I spread salt?


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How much of the road network is snowploughed?


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