Thursday 9th July 2020
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Summer home safety tips

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Safe barbecuing

Here are some tips to help you to enjoy your barbecues safely this summer:




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Keeping your home safe while away

Going away on holiday? Here are some helpful tips to safe guard your home while you and your family enjoy a break:

  • cancel regular deliveries such as milk and newspapers - make your house appear that it is lived in
  • open curtains/blinds - closed curtains in the day is a clear sign your house is empty
  • external maintenance
  • be smart with lighting
  • resist posting status updates on social media - don't tell the world your home is empty
  • lock all doors and windows
  • keep valuables in a safe place
  • put lights and radios on a timer
  • mark your valuables with you house number and postcode, take photos of your property

Register for free to - a service that assists police in returning property to the rightful owner should it be stolen and recovered


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Food safety tips in warm weather

Below are a few food safety questions and answers to keep in mind when you have your next summer barbecue/picnic:

Q. Why do foodborne illnesses increase during the summer?

Q. How can you tell if burgers are done and safe to eat?

Q. Is it safe to put cooked burgers on the plate that held raw meat?

Q. Is it safe to leave perishable items (eg dips) out of the refrigerator for more than three hours?

Please look at The Food Standards Agency website for more information on food safety and hygiene.


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