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Family health in the summer

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Your childs health

Summer is the time when children are most active. The following tips will help your children remain happy and healthy during the summer months.

Water safety

Sun protection

Travel with a first aid kit

Seasonal allergies

Protect against bug bites


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Pets in summer

The summer months can cause real problems for our pets. To keep your pets happy and healthy all summer long, follow these simple tips.

Protecting your pet

Overheating - dehydration and heat stroke


For more information on how to care for your pet in the summer visit the RSPCA website.


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Keeping cool

How to keep your body cool

Keeping as cool as possible can also help you prevent heat-related illness. Make sure you stay out of the sun. Drinking cold drinks and eating smaller, cold meals, such as salads and fruit, can also help you to keep cool.

Other things to do include wearing light-coloured and loose-fitting clothes made from natural fibres such as cotton, and taking cool showers or baths.

How to keep your house cool

You can help keep your house cool by shutting curtains and blinds during the day. If you don’t have air-conditioning, go to a cool place such as a library, shopping centre, cinema or swimming pool. Stay in the coolest room in the house and use the stove and oven as little as possible.

Taking care of others

Visit or call elderly friends, neighbours or relatives at least once a day. Check they have water in the fridge and encourage them to drink it. You may like to take them to a shopping centre, library or cinema with air-conditioning.


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Keep hydrated

Not sure if you are hydrated?

Signs of dehydration include:

  • fatigue - feeling tired and weak
  • difficulty concentrating
  • confusion
  • impaired mood
  • headaches
  • dry lips
  • mood swings

A great way to find out how hydrated you are is to visit BUPA's website.

Top tips to stay hydrated

Staying hydrated helps to maintain energy and focus throughout the day. Here are some simple ways to stay hydrated a little easier:

  • carry a water bottle with you when you are at home or at your desk while at work
  • sip on herbal tea every night, not only will this hydrate you it is a wonderful way to relax you after a long day
  • eat water rich foods such as fruits, vegetables, and yoghurt


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