Sunday 22nd October 2017
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We want our web site to be as easy to use as possible for everyone including people with disabilities. This page should hopefully answer any questions you may have on this issue
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BrowseAloud is a device that allows you to hear selected bits of text. You can access it by clicking the small, orange speaker icon at the very top of each page (Next to the Speak this page text. Once you have done this a small box will appear to guide you through its use.
To get the best from the colour images contained on these pages we recommend you view with a colour depth greater than 256 colours.

We use a common design throughout rather than providing text only pages for disabled users. You can change the text sizes and colour to suit your needs.
All images and graphical navigation buttons in our site are given appropriate alternative text descriptions ("ALT texts"), as required by internationally-recognised web accessibility guidelines.
To aid users of text-only and audio browsers we have included a hidden accessibility feature, which enables the user to "skip over" the main page navigation buttons (rather then having to tab through them manually at the start of every page). This means you can jump immediately down to the main content of the page.
Additionally we have programmed each page with some "Access keys", this means that by clicking on "Alt + 1" and then "return" you will go straight to the Homepage. Just make sure that your browser is compatible.
We use other technologies, such as Javascript, appropriately to avoid creating accessibility barriers. We focus on the use of "open" publishing standards, as defined by the world wide web consortium.

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