Sunday 16th June 2019
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12/06/2019 - Where does your recycling end up?

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Increased recycling in Luton has not only meant a reduction on landfill tax costs, but it is better for the environment, and the council wants to assure residents about the destination of their plastic.

All household material collected for recycling in Luton is taken to material recycling facilities based in in the UK and a small percentage in Europe. Here the contents are sorted and the plastic items processed and turned into fragments suitable to be manufactured into new, high quality, plastic goods such as reusable bags. The companies operate under a policy which ensures transparency about the end point of the waste and where the material is to be used.

Collected glass and paper is also sent to plants in the UK with glass processed into high quality finished products for the food, drinks and pharmaceuticals industries and paper to make corrugated material and fine paper. The waste collected from those taking part in the food waste trial is sent to an anaerobic digestion plant and turned into organic fertiliser and the gas that is generated converted into electricity and heat. 

Cllr Tom Shaw Portfolio holder for waste said: “There are many opportunities for people to waste less and recycle more and the increase in recycling by 6% in Luton shows most residents are enthusiastically getting on board. It’s not just about making savings made though – it’s important we know that what we collect ends up where it should. 

"We only work with reputable suppliers who have a clear picture of where our recyclable material goes, right throughout the supply chain, and that they deal with our recyclable materials in the right way and in line with the legislation set out by the Environment Agency ".

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