Sunday 22nd October 2017
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17/03/2017 - Telling Stories about Luton

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Telling Stories about Luton

Telling Stories is an interactive project led by young people who have used the media to share personal stories and points of view about what its like growing up in Luton today.

​Telling Stories has worked in cooperation with the Teaching Divided Histories project based at the Nerve Centre in Londonderry. Both projects help young people from different backgrounds make creative use of the media to build bridges between each other and their communities.
At the same time, they also challenge the intolerance and deep social divisions that have been thrown into sharp relief by recent political events.
"This sounds fantastic, what a great idea. I think the information that will emerge will educate us all." says Marie Kirbyshaw, CEO Luton Culture.
Last summer the Telling Stories team recorded and published more than 30 stories by young people about diversity together with selected current news items, bon mots from inspiring adults and especially the inspiring poetry of Maya Angelou.
Over 1200 people viewed the page while it was active and its still attracting ‘likes’ today.
Telling Stories held a media conference in October at which John Peto, Director of Education in Derry spoke about his work.
Towards the end of the year, in conjunction the Stock Room Gallery, participants designed and printed personalised T-Shirts.
In January, with support from All Faiths and None and UpRising, a multi-ethnic group of young people flew to Northern Ireland to meet a similar aged group in Londonderry. The hosts showed the young people around the city and shared stories about what it’s like growing up in divided communities.

Telling Stories about LutonTelling Stories reception

Date: 4-6pm Tuesday 21 March
Location: Studio 1, The Hat Factory, Luton
Many of the young people who took part in Telling Stories will be available for interview at this reception, which will include screenings from the Telling Stories Facebook page and a short film about the trip to Derry.
For further information please contact Jim on 01273 550466 or email
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