Sunday 16th June 2019
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12/06/2019 - Jobs for heroes

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As part of Armed Forces week 24 to 29 June, 2019, Luton Council will be flying the flag along with many local authorities across the country, to acknowledge and celebrate the contribution of our military personnel to our safety and security.

Earlier in the month many people reflected on the 75th anniversary of D-Day, the largest, most complex maritime invasion ever, making us all acutely aware of the value of servicemen and women facing grave dangers and challenges in the course of their duty. Listening to interviews of those who participated in that momentous day helped us realise that, after the war, life and work carried on as they went back into “normal” peace time jobs.
The training and experience of those who have served in the military often makes their skills highly prized in any workforce. Teamwork, discipline, loyalty and self-sacrifice are highly desirable qualities in any organisation and Luton Council invites anyone with a military background to consider applying for the wide range of interesting vacancies it currently has.
The council boasts a proud tradition of employing those who have served queen and country. Current Chief Executive Officer, Robin Porter and the previous post holder were in the Army and RAF respectively before choosing a career in public service. Alongside these more prominent figures there are others who have served in various branches of the military.
Robin Porter said: “There is no doubt in my mind that my military background enabled me to transfer effectively into local government. Although there are huge differences there are also striking similarities: preparation; strategic awareness; adaptability; resilience and the ability to put others first are attributes that can be put to use in a wide range of jobs at the council. Whether you are an engineer, finance expert, nurse or plumber, why not think about applying to work for us?”
We are currently advertising a job that might be particularly suitable for someone trained to use their own initiative, be purposeful and remain cool in a crisis. Why not consider joining our civil enforcement team as a parking officer and a make a difference in the town?
Follow this link for full details and how to apply for the parking officer role. 
Luton Council is an exciting place to work and promotes an environment which positively encourages innovative thinkers, who aren’t afraid of a challenge. We understand the value of good ideas and encourage all employees to contribute so that, as one team, we can change the lives of Luton’s people for the better.
Follow this link for a list of the council’s latest jobs.
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