Monday 25th March 2019
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Turning Mammy

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The Irish Forum are back at the Luton Library Theatre to celebrate St.Patricks Day with the hugely successful John McDwyer comedy (with a fewserious bits); Turning Mammy.

Turning Mammy has won the hearts of audiences all over Ireland with it’s clever mix of madness and melancholy.

The play tells the story of Ambrose, a love hungry Leitrim farmer and his neighbours, sisters Martha and Mary. Follow their twists and turns as they seek love and contentment in all the wrong places. Ambrose, who is tied to a bedridden and domineering mother, seems to be enthralled to his strange English neighbour, Dorothy. Martha, meanwhile, is obsessed with Ambrose and her sister Mary is searching for her longlost baby given up for adoption.

Turning Mammy has a rich vein of humour running throughout, redolent of the earthy humour of rural Leitrim. It will make you laugh and cry and is an evening of joyous theatre which should not be missed.

The show will be on Saturday 16 March 2019 and will be shown on the following times:

4 to 6pm
7.30 to 9.30pm

Age guidance: 16+

For more information, visit the Luton Culture website.

Date Saturday 16 March 2019
Time 16:00 - 21:30
Concessions: £10
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Luton Library Theatre, Luton Central Library, St George's Square, Luton, LU1 2NG


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