Friday 22nd February 2019
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Activities and events for adults in Luton.

Tommy Sandhu: Brownload Comedy Tour23/02/2019
Music in the Museum: Inspired by Bach (Part 1)24/02/2019
Circle dancing (Hockwell Ring)25/02/2019
Ameina dementia information session27/02/2019
The Thinking Drinkers: Pub Crawl01/03/2019 - 02/03/2019
Out of the box03/03/2019
LETS Fair 201906/03/2019
Ameina health and wellbeing community hub06/03/2019
If hats could talk: what story would they tell?07/03/2019
Women Wise07/03/2019
Utter! Lutonia 2208/03/2019
International Womens Day Celebration 201909/03/2019
The Apologists09/03/2019
Music in the Museum10/03/2019
Level 1 Award in Assisting Health Related Activity Sessions11/03/2019 - 15/03/2019
Circle dancing (Hockwell Ring)11/03/2019
Let’s Talk - Limbury11/03/2019
Circle dancing (Blenheim Baptist Church Hall)12/03/2019
Ameina health and wellbeing community hub13/03/2019
Meditative circle dancing (High Town)13/03/2019
Cardinal Newman School 50th Anniversary Concert13/03/2019
Turning Mammy16/03/2019
Ameina health and wellbeing community hub20/03/2019
A Brief History of Music21/03/2019
The Comedy Bar22/03/2019
Medea Electronica23/03/2019
Music in the Museum: Two Clarinets24/03/2019
Circle dancing (Hockwell Ring)25/03/2019
Ameina health and wellbeing community hub27/03/2019
Luton Choral Society30/03/2019
Ameina health and wellbeing community hub03/04/2019
Metamorphosis04/04/2019 - 05/04/2019
Out of the Box07/04/2019
Circle dancing (Hockwell Ring)08/04/2019
Peter Pan and Captain Cook08/04/2019
Circle dancing (Blenheim Baptist Church Hall)09/04/2019
Ameina health and wellbeing community hub10/04/2019
Meditative circle dancing (High Town)10/04/2019
Luton Jobs Fair17/04/2019
Ameina health and wellbeing community hub17/04/2019
Circle dancing (Hockwell Ring)22/04/2019
Community Conversations23/04/2019
Ameina health and wellbeing community hub24/04/2019
Ameina health and wellbeing community hub01/05/2019
Ameina health and wellbeing community hub08/05/2019
Meditative circle dancing (High Town)08/05/2019
Circle dancing (Hockwell Ring)13/05/2019
Circle dancing (Blenheim Baptist Church Hall)14/05/2019
Ameina health and wellbeing community hub15/05/2019
Ameina health and wellbeing community hub22/05/2019
Circle dancing (Hockwell Ring)27/05/2019
Ameina health and wellbeing community hub29/05/2019
Circle dancing (Hockwell Ring)10/06/2019
Circle dancing (Blenheim Baptist Church Hall) 11/06/2019
Meditative circle dancing (High Town)12/06/2019
Circle dancing (Hockwell Ring)24/06/2019
Circle dancing (Hockwell Ring)08/07/2019
Circle dancing (Blenheim Baptist Church Hall)09/07/2019
Meditative circle dancing (High Town)10/07/2019
Circle dancing (Hockwell Ring)22/07/2019
Community Conversations23/07/2019
Circle dancing (Hockwell Ring)12/08/2019
Circle dancing (Hockwell Ring)26/08/2019
Circle dancing (Hockwell Ring)09/09/2019
Circle dancing (Blenheim Baptist Church Hall)10/09/2019
Meditative circle dancing (High Town)11/09/2019
Circle dancing (Hockwell Ring)23/09/2019
Circle dancing (Blenheim Baptist Church Hall)08/10/2019
Meditative circle dancing (High Town)09/10/2019
Circle dancing (Hockwell Ring)14/10/2019
Circle dancing (Hockwell Ring)28/10/2019
Circle dancing (Hockwell Ring)11/11/2019
Circle dancing (Blenheim Baptist Church Hall)12/11/2019
Meditative circle dancing (High Town)13/11/2019
Circle dancing (Hockwell Ring)25/11/2019
Circle dancing (Hockwell Ring)09/12/2019
Circle dancing (Blenheim Baptist Church Hall)10/12/2019
Meditative circle dancing (High Town)11/12/2019
Circle dancing (Hockwell Ring)23/12/2019
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