Thursday 25th April 2019
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Activities and events for adults in Luton.

Mapdance Spring Tour25/04/2019
Comedy bar26/04/2019
Know Your Blood Pressure at the Mall Luton27/04/2019
LOL... Ladies of Laughter with Noreen Khan27/04/2019
Music in the Museum: Inspired by Bach (Part 2)28/04/2019
Ameina health and wellbeing community hub01/05/2019
Focus on Fashion: Talk02/05/2019
Out of the Box05/05/2019
Out of the Box05/05/2019
Ameina health and wellbeing community hub08/05/2019
Meditative circle dancing (High Town)08/05/2019
Circle dancing (Hockwell Ring)13/05/2019
Circle dancing (Blenheim Baptist Church Hall)14/05/2019
Ameina health and wellbeing community hub15/05/2019
The Black Bookcase - Luton African books, art and craft fest 201918/05/2019
Ameina health and wellbeing community hub22/05/2019
Luton International Carnival 2019 (traders)26/05/2019
Circle dancing (Hockwell Ring)27/05/2019
Ameina health and wellbeing community hub29/05/2019
Circle dancing (Hockwell Ring)10/06/2019
Circle dancing (Blenheim Baptist Church Hall) 11/06/2019
Meditative circle dancing (High Town)12/06/2019
Sam Avery: The Learner Parent22/06/2019
Circle dancing (Hockwell Ring)24/06/2019
Circle dancing (Hockwell Ring)08/07/2019
Circle dancing (Blenheim Baptist Church Hall)09/07/2019
Meditative circle dancing (High Town)10/07/2019
Circle dancing (Hockwell Ring)22/07/2019
Community Conversations23/07/2019
Circle dancing (Hockwell Ring)12/08/2019
Circle dancing (Hockwell Ring)26/08/2019
Circle dancing (Hockwell Ring)09/09/2019
Circle dancing (Blenheim Baptist Church Hall)10/09/2019
Meditative circle dancing (High Town)11/09/2019
Circle dancing (Hockwell Ring)23/09/2019
Circle dancing (Blenheim Baptist Church Hall)08/10/2019
Meditative circle dancing (High Town)09/10/2019
Circle dancing (Hockwell Ring)14/10/2019
Circle dancing (Hockwell Ring)28/10/2019
Circle dancing (Hockwell Ring)11/11/2019
Circle dancing (Blenheim Baptist Church Hall)12/11/2019
Meditative circle dancing (High Town)13/11/2019
Circle dancing (Hockwell Ring)25/11/2019
Circle dancing (Hockwell Ring)09/12/2019
Circle dancing (Blenheim Baptist Church Hall)10/12/2019
Meditative circle dancing (High Town)11/12/2019
Circle dancing (Hockwell Ring)23/12/2019
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