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What is the busway?

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Luton Dunstable Busway

The majority of the busway is separated from other traffic, and runs on a concrete guideway.

Helping you to have quicker journeys in and around town

The busway is a fast, frequent and reliable high-quality service linking Houghton Regis, Dunstable and Luton. The busway network is a guideway between Blackburn Road, on the edge of Houghton Regis, through Dunstable and into Luton town centre.

The service is provided by buses capable of running both on their own track and on the public roads. It serves a large number of destinations in the area:

  • connecting the main housing areas within the main industrial areas
  • the three town centres
  • the main line rail stations in Luton
  • Luton airport

The busway runs along the line of the disused railway that runs parallel to the A505 (Dunstable Road) and A5065 (Hatters Way). This route bypasses the traffic congestion in the town centres and along the A505.

What does the busway look like?

Luton Dunstable BuswayThe guideway comprises a twin track about 6 metres wide, so that busway vehicles can travel in each direction. Each track consists of a 180mm high kerb on each side which the guidewheels run along, and a concrete base to support the rear wheels. The centre section of the base has been planted with grass.

A minimum distance of 1m has been allowed at either side to allow passengers to get off the bus in an emergency. A major benefit of the dedicated guideway is that it takes traffic away from the roads and, thanks to it the vehicles being guided, they can achieve light rail speeds of up to 50mph.

Impact on the local community

Luton Dunstable BuswayThe guideway itself has landscaping, noise barriers and other engineering measures will have minimised the impact on neighbouring properties.

An emergency access track was constructed parallel to the guideway for emergency and maintenance vehicles, if required. It also serves as a track for pedestrians and cyclists.

Services between the three town centres were operational from the opening in September 2013. Since this time longer distance express bus routes to Milton Keynes and Leighton Buzzard have also been using the guideway, allowing passengers faster and more reliable access to West Coast Main Line rail services to the Midlands and the North.

The new Z service, introduced in April 2015, directly serves the Luton & Dunstable hospital.

On the road

The busway was also designed to be able to run on the road, just like a conventional bus. This allows the network to reach a much greater number of potential users, without the expense and disruption of building a guideway into outlying areas, where there is little congestion.

Giving you real time information

As well as enjoying a fast, frequent and reliable service, travellers are kept informed by state-of-the art passenger information systems. These will display real time information for passengers waiting at all busway stops, whether on the guideway or on the road.


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