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Safe travel to school

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Getting to school

Luton council works with Sustrans to promote sustainable travel to school. Walking, cycling or scooting to school promotes a healthy lifestyle to children.

Benefits include:

  • walking to school prepares children with basic life skills they need such as personal safety and road safety skills
  • fewer cars on the road, making the roads around school a safer place for pedestrians
  • children learn about the combat to prevent climate change is to walk to school, where it is shown that we can all make a difference. One way to make a difference is to walk to school and to leave the car at home. Find out what else the council is doing regarding climate change.
  • the NHS Guidance on physical activity for children and young people recommends that children should aim for 60 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity a day across the week

Additional resources and useful links:

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School travel planning

What is a school travel plan?

What is the safety around schools initiative?

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School crossing patrols - FAQs

As a driver do I have to stop for a school crossing patrol?

Failing to stop when asked to so by a school crossing patrol (SCP) is both dangerous and illegal. Motorists are bound by the 1984 Road Traffic Act to stop for a school crossing patrol. We will investigate all reported incidents of motorists not stopping for a SCP and report the offence to Bedfordshire police.

Who can cross with a school crossing patrol?

Any pedestrians can cross with a school crossing patrol.

How to request a school crossing patrol?

You can request a school crossing patrol by contacting the road safety team . The location requested will be surveyed to see if it meet the national set criteria, which includes a vehicle and pedestrian count based on traffic volume and the child pedestrians crossing it.

Why become a school crossing patrol?

We have vacancies for school crossing patrols at various locations throughout the borough. The job is term time only, you will be provided with full training and uniform. For more information please contact the road safety team or call 01582 546820 for more information on the role.

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Resources available to schools

The Road Safety Box

JRSO – Junior Road safety Officers

Stepping out Safely – a pedestrian training scheme for schools

Walking and cycling toolkit

Table top Snakes and Ladders

For further information on a scheme or to book a resource please contact the road safety team .

Useful contacts for teachers


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