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Travel Aid

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Travel aid is a pass that can allow you to buy adult half price bus tickets in Luton.

To get a travel aid pass you must live in Luton, not be in work and actively seeking employment and in receipt of:
  • employment support allowance
  • a registered job seeker in receipt of job seekers allowance
  • a single parent in receipt of income support
  • universal credit
  • an unemployed school leaver aged 16/17 and registered with youth advice Luton

How much does it cost?

A travel aid pass costs £1.20 and is valid for 28 days. It lets you travel on most buses in the Luton area at half the normal adult single fare (rounded to the nearest 5p). Just show your pass to the driver when you buy your ticket.

When and where can I use it?

Your travel aid pass is valid after 9am Monday to Friday and all day Saturdays and Sunday.
You can use it on most local bus services in the Luton area. You can also use it on buses that go outside the town so long as your journey starts or finishes in Luton, Dunstable or Houghton Regis.

How can I get a travel aid pass?

You can do it in three easy steps, although if this is your first time you will also need a passport sized photo.
Step 1: Complete the application form at the bottom of the page: Fill in your personal details. Then enter the date you want the pass to start. Remember this must be no later than seven days after the day you take the form to be stamped. (see step 2)
Step 2: Take the completed form to Jobcentre plus – or Luton Borough Council - or Youth Advice Luton if you’re under 18 – for stamping: If you get jobseekers allowance, or if you’re a single parent getting income support, or if you are registered with Youth Advice Luton as an unemployed school leaver, they will stamp your form. If you don’t fit one of these three categories, we’re sorry but you won’t qualify for Travel Aid. Remember too you must be a Luton resident.​
Step 3: take the stamped application form to Luton Borough Council, Customer Services, Town Hall , Luton: Here you will need to pay for each 28 day period. If you have not had a travel aid pass before, you will need a passport sized photo.

How do I renew my pass?

All you have to do is fill another form and repeat steps one to three. You don’t have to wait until your current travel aid pass runs out, you can do this up to seven days before the expiry date.


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