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Cycling is not only good for exercise but is also known to reduce stress levels, anxiety, and promote mindfullness. Below you will find links that will provide more cycling information:

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Need a taxi to the airport, train station or to Luton Town centre here are some local taxi companies that you can try:

For information on Taxi and private hire licenses including applying,renewing or reporting a licensed privite hire or hackney carriage vehicle damage, please click on the below button.

More information on taxi and private hire licenses

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Luton's superb transport links are proving more valuable than ever to people travelling into, around, and out of the town with no fewer than three railway stations serving different areas.

The capital is just 24 minutes away. Looking further afield, there are fast national rail connections to Leeds, Sheffield and beyond to the north, and a direct service to Gatwick and Brighton to the south.

The following are useful links to rail services.

Plusbus is an easy-to-use add-on to your rail ticket. With it, you can travel - as often as you like - on most buses inside your local Plusbus area.

National Cycle Route 606 lnks Luton train station with Dunstable, following along the side of the Luton and Dunstable Busway.

Station Facilities

Luton Airport Parkway station has lifts for access to the platforms. Cycle parking is available at all stations.

Look up helpful information on specific National Rail station before you travel, use the station name or it three character code. Find out more about:

  • getting to and from the station​
  • facilities
  • accessibility and mobility access

More information about specific National Rail stations 

Useful train links

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Ther are many opportunities to walk in Luton whether you want to stroll in one of the many beautiful parks in Luton, public rights of way to joining a walking club.

Local clubs and walks

Walking to school

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