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Using the bus avoids congestion, reduces environmental damage, and is a less stressful way of travelling compared to using the car.

Bus operators in Luton

There are a number of bus operators currently serving Luton. They are listed here with contact phone numbers and with links to their websites when available. We advise you to visit their website or call them on the number below for information about service changes, fares, timetables, or any disruptions during bad weather.

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PlusBus and Travel Aid

By buying a PlusBus ticket with your train ticket this will give you unlimited bus and tram travel around town. It also connects you with the National Rail network.

Buy your Plusbus ticket in advance and catch the bus to the station. Plusbus can be bought with all types of rail tickets, single or return. And all season tickets with Plusbus give you unlimited bus travel in the Plusbus area. Fares start from £2.50 a day

Please visit the PlusBus website for additional information

Travel aid

To get a travel aid pass you must live in Luton, not be in work and actively seeking employment and in receipt of:

  • employment support allowance
  • a registered job seeker in receipt of job seekers allowance
  • a single parent in receipt of income support
  • universal credit
  • an unemployed school leaver aged 16/17 and registered with youth advice Luton

How much does it cost?

When and where can I use it?

How can I get a travel aid pass?

How do I renew my pass?

Travel aid application form

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Bus stops and shelters

We are responsible for maintaining bus stops and shelters as well as the siting of new ones.

We offer advice concerning the positioning and maintenance of bus shelters and new funding through the Local Transport Plan which has enabled us to embark upon a programme of improvements.

If you have a request for a new bus shelter and please email [email protected].

If you discover a damages bus stop or shelter, please let us know?.

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Consessionary fares and bus pass renewals or replacement for pensioners

For information on Concessionary Fares Smartcards - Pensioners and Disableed, please click on the button below.

More information on concessionary fares

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Local Authority Bus Subsidy Grant – BSOG

Bus Service Operators Grant (BSOG) is paid to operators of eligible bus services and community transport organisations to help them recover some fuel costs.

The amount each bus operator receives is based on their annual fuel consumption. This is funded and administered by the DfT.

The BSOG is ring fenced and can be used to fund the provision of supported bus services or other related transport provision with the main criteria remaining that as a result of the change the transport operators should be 'no better and no worse off'.

The grant for 2018/19 was used for supporting bus operators to improve services and support for RTPI (Real Time Passenger Information), work in this area will continue into the future (2019/20-2020/21) to replace old and faded information signs”. The 2017/18 grant helped in reduced emissions from bus operators around the Town in line with our Luton Town Centre Air Quality Action Plan.

Further information about the BSOG is available from the GOV.UK website.

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Bus map and journey planner

You can find bus timetables and plan our journey on the Traveline website for Luton and surrounding areas below:

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