Monday 17th February 2020
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Report it to Luton Council

This is where you can find out how to report just about anything to us.

​Whether it's fly-tipping, potholes, a change in circumstances, antisocial behaviour or anything else, you can find out how to report it here.
Some things need to be reported via MyAccount, others will be reported via on online form, and a very small number will need to reported over the phone. Find out details about each below.

Environmental Crime

Report most environmental issues through MyAccount

  • Park or open space problem - Includes reporting a litter problem, dog fouling or vandalism in a park or open space
  • Road or pavement problem - includes reporting potholes, faulty street lights or damage to a bus stop
  • Street care and cleaning - includes reporting fly-tipping, graffiti or a litter problem on Luton's streets.
 The majority of these environmental issues are now reported through MyAccount - just register for environmental reporting when you are logged into your account. There is a three-step process the first time you use it. After that, you can log in and report anything from fly-tipping to potholes. You will be able to see your report online and find out what we have done about it.

To make an environmental report for the first time you will need to:

  • register for MyAccount
  • register for environmental reporting
  • make your report

Before you report an issue

Once logged in and before making your report, please check our live map to make sure we haven't already been told about the issue. If we have, you'll be able to view details online and see progress updates as they happen.

Register for MyAccount

Report a change in circumstances

New address? New job? If your circumstances have changed you can find out how to tell us.

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