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Selective licensing

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Proposed selective licensing for Luton

Designation of an area for selective licensing

Following extensive public consultation regarding the proposal to introduce a scheme to drive up standards in the private rented sector, Under Section 80 of the Housing Act 2004 Luton Council has the power to designate areas of the town subject to selective licensing.

These include:

  • the whole of Biscot and Dallow wards
  • parts of Hightown, Farley and South wards

For more information please see the post-code checker (Properties Requiring Licences) at the bottom of this page

The scheme, will come into effect not before 1 July 2020, will mean that all private landlords with residential accommodation in these areas would need to apply for a licence for each property. In order to become a licence holder a landlord would have to meet certain standards. The full designation can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

Applications for a licence will be accepted through this page.

Housing Act 2004 - improving conditions in privately rented property

Further conditions

Why have we introduced a selective licensing scheme?

What areas does the scheme cover?

Who requires a licence?

Are there any exemptions from selective licensing?

What is a 'fit and proper person'?

Licence conditions

Does this support and complement other council strategies and initiatives?

What will the application process involve?

What is the cost of a licence?

What happens if a landlord fails to apply for a licence?

Right of appeal

Monitoring the scheme

Housing enforcement


Property licence fees 2020/21

All licences are issued once property has attained the required standard. Licences will generally be issued for a five year period. Fee structure itself is subject to annual review in scale of charges.

Early adoption licensing fees

Early adoption licensing fees table

Early adoption licensing fees (Selective Licensing only)



Property fees table

Property licensing fees



Discounts table




Other fees table

Other fees



Penalties fees table





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