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Anti social behaviour - by, or against, council tenants

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If you are a council tenant and you are experiencing antisocial behaviour, or if a council tenant is carrying out antisocial behaviour against you, we are able to work with other agencies to sort the problem out.

Working together means we can often get more done, more quickly to help you. We also have a range of powers that we can use to stop the anti-social behaviour and to stop further issues arising.

What is antisocial behaviour?

Some examples of antisocial behaviour by, or against, council tenants which you might experience are:
  • nuisance neighbours
  • harassment or threats
  • people dealing in, and buying, drugs on council housing land
  • people dumping rubbish and abandoning cars
  • vandalism and graffiti
Hoarding is an increasing problem and, although it can be hidden, it is still antisocial behaviour if it affects other residents. It can also put the hoarder and others who live with them at risk, so if you suspect someone is hoarding, please get in touch with us.
Vulnerable or ‘at risk’ people tend to be more likely victims of antisocial behaviour, and sometimes this can be a form of abuse. If at any time you think that a person is at risk of being abused or exploited, please contact our Safeguarding Adults team. Follow this link to find out more about abuse, including how to report abuse.
Even if the antisocial behaviour does not take place on council land, or the anti social behaviour has not been by a council tenant, we can usually still take action if it affects council tenants or council property. We may act in partnership with other agencies to do this such as the police.

Antisocial behaviour by council tenants

There are a number of legal ways that we can deal with antisocial behaviour caused by council tenants – from informal interventions such as an acceptable behaviour contract, to legal ones such as injunctions or evictions.
An injunction can prevent someone from being in a specific area, or prevent them from carrying out a particular type of antisocial behaviour in a particular location.
For example, an injunction could prevent a person from being in a particular street, or require them to keep a specific distance away from someone, or it could stop them from abusive or violent towards someone.
If you think someone might be the victim of abusive behaviour, you should contact  your housing officer or speak to our Safeguarding Adults team. Follow this link to find out more about the different types of abuse and how you can report it.

Avoiding legal action

Not all complaints about antisocial behaviour go as far as legal action; many are solved by talking through the problem with those responsible or by involving another agency. Sometimes people don’t realise that they are causing problems to their neighbours.
Luton Mediation can help you to settle a disagreement between you and your neighbour. Two trained mediators meet with the parties in a safe and neutral environment to listen to how both parties see the problem.
They help the parties look at possible ways of improving the situation without having to go to court. This can often be quicker, less stressful and less costly to the individuals. Over 90 per cent of mediation agreements are successful.
If you would like, we can pass on you details to Luton Mediation, or you contact them yourselves:
Telephone: 01582 411822
Email: [email protected]

How to report antisocial behaviour

Illegal and criminal activity such as violence and drugs should be reported to the police by dialling 101 or in an emergency by dialling 999.
Follow this link if you want to report antisocial behaviour which does NOT involve council properties or tenants. If you are not sure please contact us and we can redirect you to the correct team if necessary.
Antisocial behaviour which is both criminal and also involves tenants – such as serious harassment, verbal abuse, intimidation or threats – can be reported to the police and also to us on the contact information below, or by clicking the orange button below and filling in the form.
We treat all reports about antisocial behaviour in confidence.

Report antisocial behaviour

Noise nuisance

Noise nuisance should be reported to our Environmental Protection Service as they are specialists at dealing with noise.
Contact them on:
If we have enough evidence against a council tenant making noise nuisance we can evict them.
If you are a council tenant and you have received a noise abatement notice, we may start a legal process to evict you.

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