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Renting a council garage

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Anyone can apply to rent a council garage. You can select up to four sites on your application.

Apply for a garage tenancy   

Weekly cost of renting a garage (April 2015 - 2016)

Up to 2 garages Each additional garage
Council tenants £7.00 each £8.40 each
Private tenants £8.40 each £8.40 each


Payment must be made by direct debit. You must pay 4 weeks rent in advance.


Conditions of tenancy

You will not be offered a garage if you have rent arrears or have other debts with us. When you accept a garage tenancy you must complete a direct debit form and you must pay by this method. If you don’t keep up garage rent payments we will write to you, and if you fail to pay we will repossess the garage.
Garages are intended for the storage of a motor vehicle. They are not sufficiently weather tight or secure for the storage of any other goods. If you do store other goods, it will be at your own risk. You must not store petrol or any other flammable or combustible material.
You cannot use the garage or forecourt in connection with a business, or cause nuisance or obstruction to other garage users or people living nearby.
You cannot alter the garage, and it is your own responsibility to repair or replace the lock if it is damaged whilst you are renting it.
You must not sublet the garage to anyone else. 

Ending your garage tenancy

You can end your garage tenancy by giving two weeks notice. You must hand the keys back at the end of the notice period. If you do not you will be charged for the lock to be changed. Your garage should be empty and swept through before you hand back your keys. We will charge you if we have to clear it.

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