Monday 17th February 2020
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Better Together: health and social care integration

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We want people in Luton to live longer and healthier lives.

Together with NHS Luton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) we want to improve the health and wellbeing of people in Luton.

To achieve this we are working together with the Luton CCG on a programme called ‘Better Together’.
We have two problems to solve:
  • many people go to hospital with conditions that could either have been prevented or managed in their own home or community
  • social care (which includes helping people to manage at home) is often essential to support healthcare, but the two are managed in isolation from one another, which can lead to inconvenience, or bad outcomes, for members of the public

So our broad plan is to:

  • invest more in helping people to keep healthy, such as having a good diet, taking regular exercise and being smoke-free – with the aim of helping to reduce cases of conditions such as obesity and certain types of diabetes, amongst others. We also want to help people to manage their conditions, putting them in control of their health
  • move healthcare which can be provided at home or in the community, out of hospitals enabling people to benefit from a more co-ordinated approach between health and care services and supporting them to be able to manage their conditions at home or in the community

We want to listen to your views and learn of your experiences so we can deliver a programme that works for everyone in Luton – whether you are a resident, a volunteer for a community organisation, or if you work for the us or NHS.

To learn more about what this programme means for you, please click on one of the links below.

I am a Luton resident
I work for Luton NHS or Luton Council
I work or volunteer for a Luton community organisation

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