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Early Help team and Stronger Families programme

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The Early Help team and Stronger Families programme

Why do we need a Stronger Families programme?

Stronger Families programmeAlthough our services work hard to support families, we have not always been effective in enabling families to make long lasting positive changes to their lives. The Luton Stronger Families programme promotes a different approach to working with families experiencing multiple difficulties.

Our aim is to support 1,940 Luton families over five years, 2015-2020, to make long lasting changes in their lives. The programme is ‘payment by results’ funded by central government. The income received will be used to provide a range of early help services across Luton.

So what’s different about the Stronger Families approach?

  • We will allocate a dedicated worker or agency to help the families to address the underlying problems as a whole, rather than individual services/agencies responding to the presenting problem of each family member
  • We will work with the whole family in a way which recognises they interact and influence each other rather than viewing them as individuals with a problem
  • We will develop a relationship with the family, be persistent and build trust with them in order to challenge them to make the changes they need to, step by step
  • Where appropriate, we will draw in specialist services in a sequenced way at the right time for the family rather than services being available on the basis of meeting thresholds and availability

Which families are eligible?

Each Luton family must have at least two of the following six problems:
  • parents and children involved in crime or anti social behaviour
  • children who have not been attending school regularly
  • children who need help; children of all ages, who need help, are identified as in need or are subject to a CP Plan
  • adults out of work or at risk of financial exclusion or young people at risk of worklessness;
    Families affected by domestic violence and abuse
  • parents and children with a range of health problems

Why is a dedicated worker important?

How many families are typically supported by each worker?

What help is available?

What’s different about this?

What’s in it for the family?

How long does the help last for?

What happens if families don’t want to take part?

How can families be referred onto the programme?




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