Friday 23rd March 2018
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Early Days Magazine

Early Days is a magazine produced by Luton Family Information Service and is aimed at providers of quality childcare, parents, carers, young people & families.

The contents of Early Days magazine is written to provide its readers with a wide range of information about, or linked to, early years and childcare, covering ages 0 to 5 in Luton. Early days regularly includes information about the following:

  • changes in legislation
  • new laws that have come into force
  • changes to procedures by professional bodies such as OfSTED
  • new or existing publications
  • new or existing websites
  • new or existing services
  • conferences and awards

Early Days magazine celebrates the achievements of childcare professionals and childcare settings across Luton.

The magazine is available to download in its entirety online while many of the articles featured in this magazine become webpages on the Children and Families Information Service website.

Hard copies are also made available via our libraries, community centres and council receptions.

You can also access PDF versions of some of the more recent editions of the magazine via the downloads below.



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