Sunday 12th July 2020
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Recycling centres

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​Due to expected demand, please be prepared to expect long queues and delays when visiting.​

Both Eaton Green Road and Progress Way tidy tips are open.

Both sites have now returned to normal working hours, opening at 8am on Saturday and Sunday and also remaining open till 7pm on Monday. Progress Way HWRC will be closed on a Wednesday whilst Eaton Green HWRC will be closed on Thursday.

The tidy tip permit scheme, has been suspended with residents unable to order these. This will remain under review and changes made when it is safely able to do so.

There is clear and strict guidance on using tidy tips safely, including FAQs.

Please note: whilst opening hours are as stated above, the queue for tidy tips may close at 2.30pm. This is because the average waiting time is approximately two to three hours, so closing the queue at 2.30pm will allow everyone to be able to dispose of their waste before the tip closes at 5pm.

Service updates during the coronavirus crisis
Following government advice, we’ve had to make changes to many of our services. Please see the information on coronavirus page, which is regularly updated as new information and advice is released.


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If you have extra rubbish and/or your recycling won't go into one of your collection bins, you can take it to one of our household waste recycling centres (the 'tidy tip'). You will need a permit if you are in a van, trailer or larger vehicle (see waste permits and vehicle restrictions below).

​​If you have smaller recycling items, or you do not receive glass box collections, you can visit one of our neighbourhood recycling centres.​  


Household waste and recycling centres (tidy tip)

Staff at household waste recycling centres will be spot checking visitors on arrival to make sure they are Luton residents. A recent bill or driving licence will be accepted as ID.

There are two household recycling centres in Luton located in Eaton Green and Progress Way. Here are their addresses and opening times: 

Eaton Green Road tidy tip (please bring ID)

Progress Way tidy tip (please bring ID)

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Waste permit and vehicle restrictions

Do I need a permit?

If you are driving a van, pick-up truck or trailer you will need a permit. The permit is free. It allows you three visits and is valid for one month only.

Before you begin

You will need your car registration details.
If it is a hired car, you will need to bring the documents when you come to the tip. 

What you need to know

You can't apply for a new permit until your current one runs out.
We will post your permit within approximately 2-3 working days.​​ 

Please read HWRC Access Policy leaflet before apply for a permit

HWRC Access Policy


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Neighbourhood recycling centres

If you have smaller recycling items, or your do not receive glass box collections, you can visit one of our neighbourhood recycling centres.

There are a number of small, locally placed recycling banks across the town, which you can visit at your convenience. This is to dispose of small quantities of recyclables, such as glass bottles and jars, tins and cans, plastic bottles and in some cases, clothing.

Please make sure you place these items in the correct bins and not beside them, as items on the street count as fly-tipping and will not be collected. 

Visit Recycle Now to help you find where to recycle a specific item, what to put in your recycling at home and find your nearest recycling locations.

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