Thursday 9th July 2020
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Bin collection

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Service updates during the coronavirus crisis

Following government advice, we’ve had to make changes to many of our services. Please see the information on coronavirus page, which is regularly updated as new information and advice is released.

Specific service updates can be found on this page.

Updates to bin collections


Please make sure you leave your bins at the front of your property and on the pavement (unless you have received instructions to put it elsewhere) by 6am on the day of your collection.

Find my bin collection day

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Assisted collection

An assisted collection is available to householders if they are unable to take their wheeled bins to the kerbside due to:

  • infirmity
  • serious long-term illness
  • disability

Please note: This service is only available to those residents where no member of the household is able to move the bins.

Once your application for an assisted collection has been received, a collection supervisor will visit you to assess your needs and if approved, agree with you collection arrangements.

Who do I contact to receive this service?

If you feel you qualify for this service please contact us on  01582 510 333.


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Report an uncollected bin

Please check the list below before reporting that your bin has not been collected.

Reasons why your bin may have not been collected:

  • not your collection day - check bin collection day
  • not out by 6am
  • not at the front of your property and on the pavement (unless you have received instructions to put it elsewhere)
  • overloaded - if your bin is too heavy, we will not empty it. Overloaded bins can cause a risk to the crew and potential damage to the refuse vehicle. Reduce the weight of your bin, then we will empty it on your next scheduled collection day

If it is not any of the above and it is a:

Bad weather
We try to maintain waste and recycling collections whatever the weather, but when conditions are dangerous for our crews pulling waste bins and loading vehicles, we may need to suspend collections until things improve. We will catch up as soon as possible.

Part-emptied bins
This can happen especially with garden waste if the temperature is low and the waste freezes. We will only empty these once the weather has improved and the waste has thawed.

Please wait until after 5pm on the day of collection before reporting an uncollected bin as we may be coming back to collect it.

 Report an uncollected bin 

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Report a lost or damaged bin

Please order a new bin if:

  • you are using a non approved container for your waste
  • your bin is lost
  • your bin has been damaged

A new bin can be ordered using the button below. We will arrange for it to be delivered as soon as service delivery allows.

Report a lost or damaged bin

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New to Luton?

Waste and recycling collection schemes can vary around the country. If you've just moved into the Luton area, the following information will help you correctly dispose of your waste and recycling.

What bins do we use?
If you live in a flat you would use the following:

  • recycling - red or green bins or clear sacks
  • refuse - silver black lidded communal bin or black wheeled bin

If you live in a house you would use the following:

  • green bin – for recycling
  • brown bin – for green garden waste
  • black box – for glass bottles and jars
  • black bins – for any other non-recyclable waste

On your collection day
You can find out your collection day by using our street finder or using our bin app. Please make sure you leave your bins at the front of your property and on the pavement (unless you have received instructions to put it elsewhere) by 6am on the day of your collection.

Please make sure all your waste is contained inside the bins. We will not collect any side waste left on the street.

Assisted collections
Do you need help with putting your bins out? Find out more if you are eligible for an assisted collection?

Bulky waste items
If you have unwanted bulky household items or furniture such as:

  • beds
  • wardrobes
  • washing machines
  • fridges
  • freezers
  • tv’s
  • tables

You can request for your bulky item(s) to be collected by filling in the following form.  Or contact local charities in Luton who will gladly accept your donation if your item is in a good useable condition.

Bulky item collection 

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Managing your waste

I don’t think I will manage with a fortnightly collection of household waste, what can I do?

Will the household waste bin smell, attract rats and maggots if it is emptied fortnightly and its it a health hazard to leave rubbish for so long?

Won’t collecting waste fortnightly encourage more fly tipping?

What happens if I forget to put it out or I am on holiday? Will that mean I won’t have a collection for a month?

I have a large family - will I receive a larger bin to store my rubbish?

What happens if I have got more rubbish than will fit into my black waste bin?

Why can’t I put extra waste out that won’t fit in the bin?

Does the lid on my bin need to be closed?

If I squash my lid down is that ok?

How can I keep my black waste bin clean?

If I can’t fit all my recycling in can I put out additional bags?

What if I put the wrong materials in my green lidded recycling bin?

Why do you only collect plastic bottles?

Why should I recycle? I’ve heard it all ends up in landfill

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