Friday 22nd February 2019
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Group of young people

Group for young people in care who want to give their feedback to social services.

What is the Young People's Panel?

The panel is made up young people who are in, or who have recently left care. There are also adults on the panel, including councillors and people who work for the council.

The panel gives feedback to social services about how they can improve support for young people in care.

What does the panel do?

The panel discusses the issues that affect them and creates a yearly plan of things they want to do to improve the lives of looked after children and young people.

The panel works with the council and others to achieve the things in the plan.

The panel is encouraged to set the agenda for meetings and the yearly action plan.

When does the panel meet?

The panel meets approximately every two months, usually from 5pm to 7pm.

Where does the panel meet?

The Young People's Panel meets at Luton Town Hall, usually in Committee Room 3.


  • established age appropriate youth priorities to campaign on from 2017 until 2019
  • joined in Taking Over Whitehall Challenge with Luton young people shadowing senior civil servants and MP’s in key departments
  • bringing children, young people and adult decision makers together using creative activities to promote youth voiceringing children, young people and adult decision makers together using creative activities to promote youth voice
  • developed visual resources to promote messages from children and young people in care
  • trained and accredited Young Interviewers to sit on recruitment panels for senior leaders and managers within the People’s Directorate

The Pledge

The Pledge is a list of promises that Luton Borough Council has made to young people in care.

If you feel like a promise has been broken, talk to your social worker.

You can read Luton Council's pledge to looked after children here.

How to get involved

Ideally you will be 13 years or older to attend panel meetings. However, if you are younger you can still get involved. This might be through surveys and consultation events, developing the web pages and information leaflets, or even checking documents to make sure they are child-friendly.

If you are interested in being a part of the Young People's Panel, fill in the form below.


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