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Educational Psychology Service

Educational psychologists apply knowledge of psychology, child development, education and social interaction to promote learning, development and emotional well-being.

 Educational psychologists (EP) are postgraduate, applied psychologists. Many have a teaching qualification and / or experience of working with children and young people in educational settings in addition to a Masters degree in Educational Psychology and/ or a doctorate in Educational Psychology. We work through consultation and collaboration with significant adults to seek solutions to concerns and difficulties of children and young people aged 0 - 25 years.

The role of the EP is wide-ranging. It involves:

  • ​working through other significant adults to affect positive change for individual children or young people whose learning, development or emotional well-being is causing concern;
  • working directly with individuals or groups of children to promote learning, social skills or emotional control;
  • working with schools to help develop policies or evaluate practice to promote learning or positive behaviour;
  • advising on intervention strategies and ways to evaluate their effectiveness;
  • contributing to professional development of teachers and other educational support staff;
  • responding to critical incidents involving schools;
  • facilitating workshops at conferences;
  • working with parents/ carers;​
  • undertaking research on behalf of the Local Education Authority or schools to inform strategic direction and policy development;
  • liaising, co-ordinating information and working with other agencies involved with children and their ​families/ carers;
  • contributing to the safeguarding of children;
  • specific input around the needs of looked-after children;
  • contributing to Statutory Assessment of Special Educational Needs under Children & Families Act, 2014;
  • providing placement learning experience for trainee educational psychologists.​
​EP's are registered with and bound by ethical professional practice guidance and codes of conduct determined by the Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC). 



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