Saturday 30th May 2020
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Luton 2040

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Luton 2040 No-one in poverty

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We have a new top priority - ensuring that no-one in the town is living in poverty by 2040. We're calling this work ‘Luton 2040’ and it will be at the heart of everything we do as an organisation going forward.


Ensuring the town has no-one living in poverty by 2040 is a bold ambition, but something we are absolutely determined to achieve as poverty is at the heart of some of the biggest challenges the town faces.

Over the last few years the Luton Investment Framework has made excellent progress in:

  • transforming the town
  • creating jobs and opportunities
  • raising aspirations

Unfortunately, not everyone is benefitting from this growth, far too many children and working families are growing up in poverty, and we must change this.

Everyone benefits from a Luton without poverty:

  • Residents will live happy and healthy lives
  • Businesses will profit through a thriving economy and highly-skilled and high-performing local workforce
  • Pressure will ease on public sector organisations and charities who are currently overwhelmed by high service demand

One thing is absolutely clear: the council cannot do this alone. We are focusing our work on this long-term ambition but we need other people and organisations to play their part.

The Luton 2040 Vision will be at the heart of local discussions over the next few months, so that people across the town can influence what happens and how we take this forward.

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Luton 2040 discussion leaflet

We've put together a Luton 2040 discussion document sets out what we want to change in Luton, along with some initial thoughts on how this might be achieved. Once we’ve gathered more ideas we plan to go out for public consultation in early 2020.

Download the Luton 2040 discussion leaflet

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Accessible version of the Luton 2040 discussion leaflet

No one in poverty

Our priorities and vision for Luton in 2040

Background to the vision

Other effects

Work underway

What will we aim to change?

Ideas for some key targets

Working together

Working together to ensure no one lives in poverty

Tell us your views

What else can you do?

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Inclusive Growth Commission

We’ve already made a start on the Luton 2040 work by commissioning an inclusive growth commission to advise us how we can ensure that everyone benefits from the town’s ongoing growth and transformation.

The commission has already provided us with valuable recommendations which has shaped our thinking on how we will become an inclusive, modern and aspirational place which recognises the value of our young people and diverse population. A copy of which can be found on the Growing Luton Together website.

If you'd like to make views or comments on the inclusive growth report then please email: [email protected]

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