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Mayor of Luton

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Luton's new mayor - Councillor Naseem AyubOn 21 May 2019, Councillor Tahir Malik was invested as the new Mayor of Luton in a ceremony at the Town Hall.

Born in Kotli, Azad Kashmir Cllr Malik moved to Luton in 1996. He joined the Labour party in 1999 and his passion for equality and social justice led him to stand for and gain election as councillor for Challney Ward in 2011.
Mayor Talik said: "I feel privileged and honoured to be elected as the mayor of our town and as I have mentioned previously, I am honoured and humbled to represent our town and community as mayor and am looking forward to working with you all for the betterment of our borough.
"I am expecting support from you all and I know you all will keep supporting me for the year ahead."

A brief history of our new Mayor

I was born in Kotli, Azad Kashmir at Dhara mandi Near Kotli City. I passed my Metric (equivalent to GCSES) from Govt high school Gulhar then I passed my faculty exams and graduated from Degree College Kotli under the supervision of Azad Kashmir University.
My father Mahmood Khan Malik Advocate was a prominent Lawyer of our state, he was a Public prosecutor ,Dist.Bar President and member of Azad Kashmir Bar Association.
My grandfather Malik Lal Khan was the back bone of our family, he became part of the govt of Azad Kashmir in the first election when our people were given the right to vote in 1960. He became a Chairman of Our Union Council which was also equal to District Councillor and they had a part to elect our state President.
Both brothers Malik Lal Khan and Malik Shahpal Khan were visionary leaders; they always had the betterment of their fellow people as their top priority and their legacy speaks for itself. As all visionaries, education was a centre point of their vision.
My dad and uncle were the first two from our village Kakani Bagah at that time who completed a degree and went to University level for LLB. Both of my grandfathers and my father, had a big role in our city and state and that gave me courage to become a part of local politics here.
Since 1996, after my arrival in UK I worked hard to maintain myself and, after the death of my father, I had to look after my whole family. With the help of my wife Asia and other family members I was able to manage it.

Political history

I joined the Labour Party in 1999 and started attending meetings also partaking in all sorts of campaigning with our MP Kelvin Hopkins and councillor colleagues. I always believed in social justice and equality and still believe in that.
I was also a school governor at downside in 2008 to 2009 and then to 2013 to 2015 and a member of L&D Foundation trust.
In 2011, when I was elected as Challney ward councillor, I served as a member of various committees. As a development control committee vice chair, it was a great privilege to be part of the decision we made about Luton Airport expansion which became a game changer for us.
It has brought billions of pounds of investment in our town and is going to create thousands of jobs and, no doubt, with this decision Luton has become a business hub and is thriving today.
I was also a member of OSB, health and social care review group and regulation committee for many years and participated enthusiastically in my capacity.
I was also member of infant mortality and domestic violence task and finish groups.
I served as the Deputy Mayor in the municipal year 2014,15 and served as a Chair of Labour Group for 3 years from 2015 to 2018.


In terms of the Challney Ward, my colleagues and I managed to organise festivals, awards nights and supported many community and youth groups, which we will keep supporting.
We were able to establish three play areas for children, two social housing schemes and also 30 to 40 houses we (Lurton Council) bought from highways to accommodate our constituents when the families were going to be evicted.
The parking issue because of L&D visitors and staff was always difficult for us in our area but with the help of my fellow councillors, council staff and hospital management, we managed to resolve this in some areas.

Charitable trusts

I've chosen to support four charities during my term as mayor. The charities are:

The future for the new Mayor

I always tried to make a difference to the quality of my constituents’ daily lives and prospects, and will continue to do so. I believe that selflessness, integrity, objectivity, honesty, openness and accountability are the keys of effective leadership.
On 21 May 2019 I was privileged to sign my mayor ship declaration formally and since then I have attended many engagements including the Luton carnival, which are also memorable.
At the moment, I am very thankful to all my family especially my wife and children for their support throughout my journey. Also, my constituents, friends, my councillor colleagues for all their support and confidence during this period and I hope they will keep their faith in me in future.
Thank you again.

Councillor Maria Lovell

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