Saturday 15th August 2020
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GDPR for schools
GDPR is the biggest change in data privacy legislation in 20 years and it affects all schools in the way you handle pupil and employee information.

​It may seem complex and a bit daunting, but we're here to help! We're dedicated to helping schools meet and exceed the requirements of GDPR, advocating accountability and demonstrating compliance.

Our team are on hand to provide expert advice, training, audits and guidance to support you in achieving this goal.

All schools can access the guidance documents below free of charge:

Gold level content and support

If you'd like us to work more closely with you, we provide a service to schools that gives unlimited advice from our Information Governance team and includes:
  • initial audit of the school to identify areas of non compliance and high risk
  • bespoke audit report and improvement plan
  • we'll act as your designated Data Protection Officer
  • refresher audits to ensure compliance with the legislation (these will take place every three years or more often if there is a specific need, such as a significant change in legislation or a serious data breach)
  • suite of policies and procedures to improve data management
  • guidance on implementing ‘privacy by design’ requirements across your school
  • procedural guidance for schools to manage SARs
  • procedural guidance for schools to manage FOI requests
  • specific policies, guidance and risk assessment around managing data breaches
  • ongoing advice and support to deal with individual cases that are received by your school
  • review of stage 2 FOI / SAR requests that are received by your school will be completed independently by us
  • access for all staff to our e-learning module on data protection (including annual refreshers)
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