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Commemorative ceremonies

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A ceremony can mark a special occasion in your life in which a person or event is remembered

Naming and welcoming ceremonies

A naming and welcoming ceremony gives you the opportunity to celebrate the birth of a child or to welcome adopted and stepchildren.

Although traditional christenings or baptisms are still popular, non-religious ceremonies are becoming increasingly a popular choice.

You will work closely with a trained consultant to help tailor a ceremony that will be special for you and your family to remember.

Why have a naming ceremony

Naming ceremonies give you the opportunity to:

  • celebrate the naming of the child or children
  • parents express their love and commitment to a child or children in front of friends and family
  • brings the child/children into the community
  • appoint mentors/god parents who will promise their help and support to the child as he/she grows up
  • gives grandparents the opportunity to promise to support the parents in raising the grandchild/grandchildren

Who can arrange a naming ceremony?

What happens in the naming ceremony?

Where can ceremonies be held?

How much will the ceremony cost?


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Funerals and remembrance ceremonies

A civil funeral or remembrance ceremony offers a unique and sensitive alternative to a church funeral.

Civil funerals

Remembrance ceremonies


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Renewal of vows and wedding celebrations

A renewal of vows ceremony is an opportunity for a married couple or civil partners to reaffirm their love and commitment to each other.

Why renew your vows?

How to renew your vows in 5 steps

Things to remember:

  • your ceremony should start promptly to ensure our registrars can travel safely to their next ceremony
  • we reserve the right to leave if we feel the following ceremony will be compromised – this decision will not be taken lightly and we will always consult with you and the venue first
  • bring any of your own promises and readings with you on the day – you could mount them on card and keep them as a memento of your day
  • any music (CD/iPod) should be given directly to the venue


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