Saturday 15th December 2018
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Luton Women's Network Against Violence & Extremism

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Luton's women are joining together to voice their opposition to violence, extremism, injustice and oppression.

Luton Women's Network Against Violence & Extremism
Violence and extremist ideologies pursued by a few can arise anywhere - they bring misery, death and destruction to many.
Historically Luton has faced many challenges which include terrorist connections, right-wing extremism, gang loyalty, and gun crime. Since women are at the heart of the family, and constitute half of the population, their engagement with the Prevent agenda is critical.
Luton’s Women are joining together to voice their opposition to violence, extremism, injustice and oppression whenever and wherever they arise, in family, community and society.
A network of Luton women can play a critical role by being vigilant in detecting changes in the behaviour and attitudes of young men and women which could lead to extremism and violence.
This has nothing to do with spying on their own families on behalf of the police or the government. Orientation towards violent extremism is a process and the process itself is not a crime. Responsible women and men should actively prevent young people from becoming supporters of violence and engaging in criminal activities.
To encourage greater involvement of women in preventing violent extremism, local women are working with Bedfordshire Police and Luton Borough Council to influence strategies and programmes of action locally and nationally.
Some extremists justify their violence by false appeals to religion. They are a threat to people of all religions and no religion. Since Islam in particular is currently being twisted in this way, it is especially important that people from all backgrounds understand the true message of Islam.
Islam means peace through submission to the will of Allah (God). Islam stands for peace – not disharmony; moderation – not extremism; respect for life – not destruction; mercy – not cruelty; justice – not oppression; diversity in society – not intolerance.
Luton Women's Network Against Violence and Extremism (LWNAVE) should empower themselves and the young people in their families and networks to develop critical thinking skills to challenge the destructive narratives of pseudo religious and secular extremists and gangs to promote violence.
We must prevent the vulnerable from being brainwashed and becoming followers of gangs. We must actively contribute towards saving lives and protect the democratic values of the society we live in.
LWNAVEAt the same time, the government and statutory agencies should ensure representation of women at all levels, especially at decision-making levels. They should also recognise that the extremists often exploit legitimate grievances and real fears to gain wider support. These should be publicly addressed to weaken the extremists’ support base.
If you would like to know more about the women's network, or if you have any concerns that someone you know is potentially being influenced and would like some advice, please feel free to make contact.

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