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Reparation Orders are designed to help young offenders understand the consequences of their offending and take responsibility for their behaviour.

The court has sentenced you to a Reparation Order to help you understand how crime affects you, your victims and the area in which you live. A Reparation Order gives you the opportunity to make amends for your offence/s and will be supervised by a member of staff from the Youth Offending Service.

How long does it last?
The court will have told you how many hours of reparation you need to do which must be completed within 3 months. The maximum number of hours you can get is 24 hours. The court will have read a report about what type of reparation you will be expected to do.

What will I have to do?
A member of the Youth Offending Service will meet with you to discuss the details of the order and how many sessions you need to do before you complete your hours.

You may be asked to:

  • carry out practical work for the victim or the community
  • attend sessions to hear about how crime affects victims and your
  • write a letter of apology to your victim
  • meet your victim to hear how your crime has affected them.

All of our community projects are supervised by staff. You and your parent/carer or Social Worker will be asked to sign a risk assessment form. We will provide equipment that is needed to undertake the work as well as provide overalls although you should normally wear old clothing. We will normally arrange programmes outside of school hours or work commitments and therefore your appointments may be in the evening or at weekends.

What are my responsibilities?
At the beginning of your order, a member of the Youth Offending Service will meet with you to discuss your responsibilities and you will be asked to sign a form about the behaviour expected whilst on the programme. This form is called standards of behaviour. You will be told when your appointments are in person or by letter or telephone

  • you will be expected to attend on time for appointments. You must keep all your appointments and you must be on time. If you are unwell you will need to telephone us before your appointment and get a certificate from your doctor
  • tell your officer if you change your address.

What happens if I don't co-operate?
If you fail to attend appointments set for you or behave in a way that goes against the standards of behaviour you will be spoken to by your officer who will then decide whether to return you to court for breaching the order. The court may:

  • fine you up to a £1,000
  • revoke the Reparation Order and re-sentence you in another way which may be more restrictive
  • order you to complete your Reparation;
  • give your parent(s) a Parenting Order.

What if I am having problems whilst on the programme?
We want you to complete your order successfully but if you are having problems with any part of the programme or attending your appointments it is your responsibility to speak to your officer as soon as possible. At the end of the order your officer will meet with you to review your programme.

Will having this order affect my chances of getting a job in the future?
You have been convicted of an offence by the court and therefore have a criminal record. However, this does not always mean that this will affect your chances of employment. Your officer will speak to you about how long this conviction stays with you and will give you further information that you can keep.




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