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The custody officer at the police station will notify the Youth Offending Service within 24 hours of issuing a Reprimand or Final Warning.

A member of the Youth Offending Service will contact the parents of a young person who has received a Final Warning within 5 working days.  The contact may be made by telephone, letter or a visit to the young person and family at their home.

  • the first contact by the Youth Offending Service may be at their office or at the family's home.  The purpose is to make an appointment to talk about the offence in more detail and assess the young person's reaction to their offence and their final warning
  • if the young person does not keep the appointment this will be noted and a second appointment will be offered
  • if the young person does not attend the second appointment
    a)   a home visit will be made to discover the reason for non-attendance, and both the young person and their parents will be informed of the consequences of non-compliance
    b)   if the young person continues not to comply with the requirements of the final warning and co-operate with the Youth Offending Service they will be non-complied. 

    This means that the case will be returned to the Police Officer who will summons the youth to court.

Following the appointment the young person will be expected to comply with a short programme of work that will include:

  • raising their awareness about the dangers of offending and their awareness about the feelings of the victims of crime, and the impact of crime on the wider community
  • attending a session which focuses on specific factors within their offence (for example, the dangers of alcohol misuse)
  • making an apology to the victim by letter or in person and
  • making reparation to the victim either directly or indirectly and making sure that the offender takes responsibility for their actions. 

The aims of reparation are:

a)   restore the well being and feelings of safety to victims and communities that have been affected by crime
b)   prevent a young person committing further offences
c)   look at the consequences of reoffending




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