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Youth justice - implementation of orders

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An order is made by the Courts when someone is found guilty of an offence, it details what punishment people receive for their offence, including any reparation to the victim.

A community sentence, or a non-custodial sentence, means that people serve their punishment in the community.

When young people first get into trouble, behave anti-socially or commit minor offences, they can be dealt with outside of the court system. If children are behaving anti-socially, the police and local authority can use a variety of pre-court orders including:

  • acceptable behaviour contracts
  • anti-social behaviour orders
  • local child curfews
  • child safety orders

The purpose of these pre-court orders is to try and stop young people getting sucked into the Youth Justice System, whilst still offering them the help and support they need to stop offending.

The Youth Offending Service is responsible for the supervision and implementation of nearly all orders imposed by the Youth Court on young people who have been convicted of a criminal offence.

The court can also impose a number of orders on young offenders and sometimes their parents, these orders include:

Youth Justice Board
The Youth Justice Board is a non-departmental public body aimed at preventing offending by children and young people.


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