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An Action Plan Order is an intensive, community based programme lasting three months.

What is an Action Plan Order designed to achieve?
An Action Plan Order lasts for three months starting on the day the court makes the order. It is designed to achieve the following:

  • address the reasons why you offended
  • punish you
  • assist you to make amends
  • support you.

This is done by listing requirements that you will have to complete within the three months.

Before making this order someone from the Youth Offending Service (your Responsible Officer) will have met with you, your parents/carers and anyone else working with you to discuss your offending and look at other areas of your life. A report will have been written by that person and recommendations made as to what requirements could be made as part of your order. You and your parent/carer will have read this report before it was given to the court.

What will the requirements be?
Everyone is different so these will depend on your circumstances. Some examples may be:

  • doing unpaid work in the community to make amends for your offending
  • writing a letter of apology to the victim of your offence; attending appointments with connexions, drug agencies
  • completing work with your Responsible Officer about the consequences of offending and any factors that caused you to offend
  • you may be asked to attend group work sessions looking at car crime and safe driving for example.

Once the order is made your Responsible Officer will go through the requirements made by the Court.

What does it mean for me?
You will be told how often you are expected to attend which will normally be at least twice a week, receive home visits and take part in deciding how best to complete the programme. You may work with different members of staff but you will have one Responsible Officer who is there to monitor your programme and inform you when your appointments are.

Your Responsible Officer will speak with you about the standards of behaviour expected on an Action Plan Order and you will be given a copy.

You must keep all your appointments and you must be on time. If you are unwell you will need to telephone us before your appointment and get a certificate from your doctor.

What if I do not comply?
If you fail to attend appointments or break the standards of behaviour you risk either being given a warning letter or being returned to court. This is called a breach and if you are returned to court the Magistrates will be provided with details of the breach and will then decide what to
do. They can:

  • order you to continue on the Action Plan Order
  • fine you or your parent up to a £1,000
  • make you subject to an Attendance Centre or Curfew Order as well as completing your Action Plan Order
  • revoke the Action Plan Order and re-sentence you in some other way
  • give your parent(s) a Parenting Order.

Should you have any problems that may affect you completing the order it is your responsibility to discuss this with your Responsible Officer at the earliest opportunity.

Will having this order affect my chances of getting a job in the future?
You have been convicted of an offence by the court and therefore have a criminal record. However, this does not always mean that this will affect your chances of employment. Your officer will speak to you about how long this conviction stays with you and will give you further information that you can keep.




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