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Community Rehabilitation Orders

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A Community Rehabilitation Order was previously a Probation Order and it is a court order which is made to help avoid further offending. It can last up to 3 years.

This Order is supervised by a Youth Offending Service worker who is there to advise, assist and encourage you, and to help to prevent you re-offending. It means that you will be given:

  • help in keeping out of further trouble with the Police.
  • advice in areas in which you may be having problems eg at home, school/college or work, or with other people or with drugs.
  • support from your Youth Offending Service worker who is there to see you regularly and listen to what you have to say.

A detailed plan for what is going to be done during your Order will be agreed with you and your parents/carers within the first week. This is called a Supervision Plan. The plan will be reviewed every three months.

What part do I play in the Order?
Under a Community Rehabilitation Order you will have to:

  • keep your appointments with the Youth Offending Service, which will be once a week for the first 3 months. These appointments will usually be at the Youth Offending Service office or at your home.
  • work with them to look at why you offend and ways in which you can change your behaviour.
  • carry out any other things you have agreed to do.
  • act responsibly whilst on supervision in your community and when attending for appointments.
  • keep to any additional requirements that have been agreed in your Supervision Plan.

Other conditions may be attached to your order that your youth service worker will explain to you.

Who will know I am on this Order?
Under the Community Rehabilitation Order there will be times when your Youth Offending Service worker will visit you at home and discuss your progress with your parents/carers.

It may also be helpful to talk to your school, youth club or employer.  You will be asked what you think about this before it happens.

What can go wrong?
If you do not co-operate with your Youth Offending Service worker you will be taken back to court for being in breach of the Community Rehabilitation Order.

If the breach is proved, the court may then deal with you in some other way, such as:

  • giving you another chance under supervision of the Order
  • making an Attendance Centre Order
  • imposing a fine either on you or your parents (depending on your age)
  • re-sentence you for the original offence.

What if I do well?
When this happens your Youth Offending Service worker will contact the court and ask for the Order to be ended early. This cannot happen until at least half of the Community Rehabilitation Order has been successfully completed.

To do this, you will go back to Court with a report from your Youth Offending Service worker saying how well you have done.


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