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Intensive Supervision and Surveillance Programme

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The Intensive Supervision and Surveillance Programme is a programme that aims to deal with the most active repeat young offenders, and those who commit the most serious crimes.

The programmes aims are to:

  • reduce the frequency and seriousness of offending in the target group
  • tackle the underlying needs of offenders which give rise to offending, with a particular emphasis on education and training
  • provide reassurance to communities through close surveillance backed up by rigorous enforcement.

The Intensive Supervision and Surveillance Programme (ISSP) is the most rigorous, non-custodial intervention available for young offenders. As its name suggests, it combines unprecedented levels of community-based surveillance with a comprehensive and sustained focus on tackling the factors that contribute to the young person's offending behaviour.

Most young people who are being supervised will spend 6 months on ISSP. The most intensive supervision (25 hours per week) lasts for the first three months. Following this supervision is reduced in intensity to a minimum of five hours per week.

For more detailed information about the ISSP follow this link to the Youth Justice Board.

Community Surveillance
A key element of ISSP is community surveillance. This ensures that offenders themselves are aware their behaviour is being closely monitored. It helps bring structure to their sometimes chaotic lives.

The surveillance element also helps demonstrate to the wider community that the behaviour of these young people are being tracked.

Find out about how the program has helped one local young offender.


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