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Domestic abuse is, unfortunately, common; however this does not mean it should be tolerated. We believe in the safety and protection of any person who may be exposed to domestic violence or abuse.
This is irrespective of their age, sex, religion, sexual orientation or gender. We are working in partnership with other agencies to raise awareness of and address domestic abuse.​

Our vision is for all agencies and services in Luton to work together to prevent domestic abuse and to reduce its impact by providing high quality support and services for all women, men and young people affected by domestic abuse and to ensure that those who perpetrate abuse are held accountable.

If you feel you are a victim of domestic abu​se

Domestic violence/abuse is not just about violence within the home or from a current or ex spouse or partner:

  • Domestic abuse can happen at any time or anywhere 
  • Domestic abuse can come from another family member (parent, child, sibling, or in-laws) or another person living in the same home as the person affected by the abuse (a co-habitant).  It can come from a current or ex boyfriend or girlfriend. 
  • Domestic abuse includes violence, sexual assault, bullying, mental cruelty, deprivation, name calling, financial abuse or any act that causes a person to feel degraded, humiliated, inferior or in fear of their safety
  • Domestic abuse also includes financial abuse, forced marriage and assaults or threats committed in the name of family or community "honour"
  • It can happen to, and be carried out by, anyone - no matter what their age, gender, race, sexuality or background
  • It is a criminal act with severe penalties for the person carrying out the abuse, and can have devastating effects on the person or people experiencing the abuse

There are many agencies that can assist those who have experienced, or are experiencing domestic abuse.  Follow the links to find out information on :

We may also be able to assist those who have suffered domestic abuse to make their homes safer. Follow this link for information on housing and domestic abuse

If you believe a friend or relative may be experiencing domestic abuse

There is no single way to ‘spot’ whether a person (male or female) is experiencing domestic abuse or violence, but a pattern of abuse could include :

  • Absence from work, school or social events
  • Fear of their partner (or ex partner), or references to their partner’s anger
  • Personality changes e.g. an outgoing person becoming withdrawn
  • Repeated unexplained injuries
  • Their partner going into their workplace and behaving inappropriately​

You can download the leaflet below for more information, and also note the variety of support agencies listed on our Domestic Abuse: Organisations offering support, advice, and/or counselling pages where you and they can get further assistance.

If you are a professional dealing with domestic abuse or violence

We work with a number of other agencies to prevent, intervene and reduce the impact and extent of domestic abuse, increasing the safety and wellbeing of those living with its affects. We have worked to produce a dedicated Domestic Abuse Strategy, as well as other multi-agency approaches. Follow this link for information for practitioners.​​

Domestic Abuse Website for Luton
soLUTiONs, Luton's community safety partnership, has a website to help those experiencing domestic abuse.

Designed as a one stop shop to help
people get the support they need as quickly as possible, the site has separate sections for adults, children and professionals providing advice and guidance tailored to their particular needs. Specific pages are also aimed at parents and those in teenage relationships.

A spokeswoman for Community Safety, said: "We know one of the greatest barriers for domestic abuse victims who need support is a lack of information on help available. We are hugely fortunate in Luton to have several agencies providing a wide range of services.  The website helps victims to access the particular support they need to suit their own situation."

The website is available now at



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