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Your Say, Your Way (YSYW) funding is a way in which community members can apply for funding to help to make their community project ideas become a reality.

Applications for YSYW funding

Can YSYW help the area where I live?

If you have an idea for your own neighbourhood that would improve it in some way, then YSYW funding could be just what you’re looking for to start the ball rolling. 

We know that there is a lot of community work going on out there, whether it is about working together on community cohesion programmes, making improvements to the environment or helping communities  to form a sporting/cultural group, and each project is vital to the people who live in the area or take part in those activities.

We also know that without this type of community involvement our town would not be as strong and vibrant as it is. It means that:

  • communities come together
  • areas are cleaned up
  • people take part in physical, creative and social activities
  • new sessions can be planned or items of equipment purchased to broaden the scope of what is provided

Better still, completely new projects can be developed to fill gaps in local provision or to bring something new and fantastic to the neighbourhood, including community spirit!

Following successful agreement with the Luton Local Action Group, (LLAG) who run the EU Community Led Local Development  (CLLD)  project, there are currently two opportunities to apply for YSYW funding.

Groups from across Luton can apply for up to £1,250 to assist their projects from the annual YSYW funding. Keep an eye on this page for details of application processes and dates for the next round of funding which is to be confirmed.​

What kind of projects will YSYW fund?

Things that are perhaps missing in communities, but are seen as being very important, can be helped by this small injection of funding. These can include:

  • notice boards
  • community gardens
  • clean and pleasant underpasses
  • lunch clubs
  • junior youth clubs
  • over 60s activities
  • adult learning classes


YSYW funding is overseen by a team of area projects and involvement officers who cover the whole town, as shown in the tab below. It is advisable to think about which ward your project will take place in (a ward is a defined area/neighbourhood) and then apply in that ward.

I want to apply

All YSYW applications are now closed for 2018.

More information about new applications for the next round of YSYW funding will be confirmed on this webpage.

I need more help

We've produced some guidance notes to give you a bit more information about who can apply, timescales, dates and more. Open the tab below where you can read our guidance notes on YSYW funding.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Locations for decision days can be found on the engaging with us page.

New guidance notes and documents will be confirmed soon on this webpage, for the next round of YSYW funding.

YSYW guidance notes

Contact details for area projects and involvement officers


Proposed dates for 'Your Say, Your Way'

Dates of YSYW applications and Decision Days for the next round of YSYW funding will be confirmed soon on this webpage.


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