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​Please note that the information provided here, which relates to licensed premises under the Licensing Act 2003 and licensed by Luton Council, is not intended to supersede legislation or provide legal advice.

It is also not intended to form part of our policy and procedural matters, and is merely an initial information document.

Further information on the information provided here can be found within our policy .


What are the licensing objectives?

What are the licensable activities?

What is regulated entertainment?

Are there any exemptions that do not require a licence?

Do I need a premises licence?

Do I need a designated premises supervisor?

I want to be a designated premises supervisor, do I need a personal licence?

How do I apply for a premises licence?

What happens if a hearing is held?

If I do not agree with the decision of the committee, what can I do?

If I already hold a licence but want to change my licensable activities or hours what do I do?

I only want to make a small change to the licence eg. to the layout, the hours, or revise a condition?

I have a premises licence but want to extend my hours or add a licensable activity but only a few times a year, can I do this?

I haven’t got a premises licence but I want to sell alcohol on a few different occasions throughout the year, can I do this?

What do I do if my licence is lost or stolen?

What do I do if I change my name or address?

My designated premises supervisor is leaving, what do I do next?

How do I transfer a licence?

Can my licence be reviewed?

Yes, any local resident or local business can ask the licensing authority to review your premises licence at any time.

A responsible authority such as the police or fire authority can also ask for a review of your licence where they believe that problems at the premises are undermining one of the licensing objectives. The application must be relevant to the licensing objectives.

The premises licence holder has died / has become mentally incapacitated / insolvent, what do I do?

I want a licence for a building which is under construction / being altered / extended, can I apply for a licence?

What is a club premises certificate?

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