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Report a change in circumstances

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Report a change in circumstances
There are various ways to tell us about a change in your circumstances, such as a new address, depending on your personal circumstances. This is where you can find out what you need to tell us and how.

You have a legal duty to advise us if you have any change in circumstances which may affect your housing, council tax or any benefits you receive.

I want to report a change of address

A change of address needs to be reported through MyAccount, but there are are different forms for different situations. Log on or register for MyAccount below. You will be taken to the change of address page within council tax where you can select the option that best describes your personal circumstances

Please note: You may need your council tax reference number or benefits claim number, depending on the form you are directed to.

Register for MyAccount

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Change in circumstances for people in receipt of benefits

Depending on whether you receive Universal Credit, housing benefit or council tax reduction, you may need to inform both DWP and us about any change in circumstance that affects your benefits, including a change of address.

Time limits for notifying us or DWP of any changes are as follows:

  • Universal Credit - you must inform DWP of any changes immediately
  • Council tax reduction - you have to tell us of any changes within 21 days from the date the change occurred
  • Housing benefit - you have to tell us within one month from the date the change occurred

There are two options to choose from depending on your personal circumstances.

I am in receipt of, or have applied for, Universal Credit

If you have started a claim for, or are already in receipt of, Universal Credit, you need to notify DWP of any changes to your circumstances immediately.

PLEASE NOTE: if you receive housing benefit and/or council tax reduction from us as part of your Universal Credit, you also need to complete a form within MyAccount - see details below.

I am in receipt of housing benefit and/or council tax reduction from Luton Council

If you are in receipt of housing benefit or council tax reduction from us, either separately or as part of Universal Credit, you need to report your change of circumstances through MyAccount. To do so you must be registered for MyAccount and registered for benefits within MyAccount.

Step 1: if not already registered for MyAccount, click the orange 'Register' button below. If already signed up, click the orange 'Login' button below.
Step 2: the main claimant will then need to register to view their benefits within MyAccount if not already registered.
Step 3: once the above steps are completed you can then report your change in circumstances.


Click here to see what sort of changes you should tell us about

If anyone in your household:

  • starts or stops receving any benefit or income including tax or pension credits
  • have a change in employment, including increase in pay, hours worked
  • increase in income including tax credits
  • leave the property to live elsewhere
  • are admitted to or discharged from hospital
  • have a change in the amount of childcare costs you pay

You also need to report when:

  • someone leaves or joins your household
  • your family is increased by the birth of a child
  • the amount of rent you pay changes
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