Wednesday 28th June 2017
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Tidy tips and recycling centres

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If your rubbish and/or recycling won't go into one of your collection bins, you can take it to one of our Tidy Tips. You will need a permit if you are in a van, trailer or larger vehicle (see below).

​​If you have smaller recycling items, or your do not receive glass box collections, you can visit one of our neighbourhood recycling centres.​

Recycle centres

Neighbourhood recycling centres

There are a number of small, locally placed recycling banks across the town, which you can visit at your convenience. This is to dispose of small quantities of waste, such as glass bottles, food tins and in some cases, clothing.

Please make sure you place these items in the correct bins and not beside them, as items on the street count as flytipping and will not be collected.

Find your nearest bin here​.

Please note: the council is not responsible for all of these recycling centres, some are privately owned/managed.

Tidy tips

Staff at household waste recycling centres will be spot checking visitors on arrival to make sure they are Luton residents. A recent bill or driving licence will be accepted as ID.
Also, the opening hours will change as follows:

Eaton Green Road (please bring ID, see above note)

Address: Eaton Green Road, Wigmore, LU2 9RT

Opening times: 

Monday: 9am - 7pm

Tuesday: 9am - 5pm

Wednesday: 9am - 5pm

Thursday: Closed

Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday and Sunday: 8am - 5pm

Progress Way (please bring ID, see above note)

Address: Progress Way, Luton, Sundon, LU4 9TR

Opening times:

Monday: 9am - 7pm

Tuesday: 9am - 5pm

Wednesday: Closed

Thursday: 9am - 5pm

Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday and Sunday: 8am - 5pm 

We are open all year round except Christmas day, boxing day and new year’s day when we are closed.


Do I need a permit?

If you are driving a van, pick-up truck or trailer you will need a permit. The permit is free. It allows you three visits and is valid for one month only.

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