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Behaviour & tuition service

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The behaviour and tuition service is made up of teachers, administrators and behaviour support assistants supporting schools in the education of pupils with behavioural needs

The behaviour and tuition service includes:

  • the advisory teacher for behaviour support team.
  • Orchard Centre for Education (KS4 Pupil Referral Unit) .
  • Avenue Centre for Education (KS 3 / 4 Pupil Referral unit).
  • Beechwood Inclusive Learning Development (BILD) KS 1 & 2 Provision.
  • hospital teaching team (L & D)
  • 1:1 tutors.

Advisory Teacher Team
This team is part of the behaviour & tuition service. The team provides

  • advice and support to schools regarding concerns they have about pupil behaviour, and/or behaviour management.
  • whole school INSET.
  • school based projects.
  • problem solving groups with school staff.
  • classroom observations.
  • group and individual work with education support services, other agencies and voluntary groups.
  • INSET to a broad range of clients e.g child minders, Trainee teachers, early years team, midday supervisors.

The advisory teachers goal is to provide effective advice, interventions and training for schools on inclusive practices and effective management of behaviour for pupils with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties.

The Orchard Centre for Education
Pupils being admitted to the Orchard Centre are unlikely to return to mainstream school.

This centre provides support for up to twenty key stage 4 pupils. Each pupil is allocated a key worker and an individualised programme is established and monitored.

Educational provision consists of:

  • group tuition on site, in a range of curriculum subjects, taught to GCSE and other accreditation levels such as ASDAN.
  • access to augmented curriculum opportunities, work related learning and work experience.

The Avenue Centre for Education
The aim of this unit is to provide suitable alternative education on a short-term basis. It will be for pupils who may not be able to attend mainstream school either because of permanent exclusion and/or because of the need for some intervention strategies to help with anxieties and emotional & behavioural difficulties.

The focus of the unit is to maintain or re-establish attendance in mainstream school wherever possible. The centre will offer programmes based on 6-8 week cycles, which will target specific areas that the school has identified. The school will be fully involved and committed to the reintegration and inclusion of the pupils back into the mainstream.

The centre will eventually be set up to provide ‘outreach’ work to schools, this will involve working with pupils in school before and after the programme in the Centre.

Beechwood Inclusive Learning Development (BILD) KS 1 & 2 Provision.
The aims of this KS 1& 2 provision will be to provide a flexible response to the needs of schools and pupils by offering:

  • provision for pupils excluded from school or at risk of exclusion.
  • support for reintegration of pupils into mainstream schools.
  • part-time placements supporting continued attendance at the pupils own school.
  • short-term programmes for groups of pupils presenting emergent behavioural needs.
  • provision for pupils where multi-agency support is a concern.
  • out reach support to primary phase schools.

Access to the provision offered at each key stage should be made using the referral form to the manager of the behaviour & tuition service. These will be discussed on a monthly basis at the team leaders meeting.

The Hospital Teaching Team
This is based in a small schoolroom on the 'Woodlands' paediatric unit of the Luton and Dunstable Hospital. It is staffed by two part time teachers.

The aim of the service is to provide education and support for sick children (key stages 1 - 4 ) during their hospital admission. Tuition takes place in the schoolroom or by the pupil's bed on the ward and is dependant on the pupil's medical condition.

Teaching methods are adapted to meet the medical and educational needs of each individual pupil. The pupils are assessed and taught according to their needs and abilities at the time of admission.

The service works closely with other disciplines within the hospital and other outside agencies i.e. medical and psychiatric staff, physiotherapists, social workers etc. and when appropriate the hospital teachers liaise with the pupil's mainstream school regarding progress and to request suitable work.

This is of particular importance in the case of long term or frequent re-admissions i.e. for pupils undergoing treatment for asthma, cancer, cystic fibrosis, diabetes etc.

The service aims to support pupils and their families during the pupil's stay in hospital and to maintain educational and social continuity with the pupil's mainstream school.

1:1 Tutors
The service also has a bank of tutors who work on a 1:1 basis with pupils who are out of schools for a variety of reasons, they may have been permanently excluded, school phobic/refuser, have medical needs, SEN needs or unable to work in a group setting. The tuition may be offered in a variety of settings including the home, libraries, youth and community centres.


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